Beki Lippold

Senior Account Director


Beki is our Yorkshire lass and Senior Account Director of the London Office. Her extraordinary attention to detail and design stems from a highly-trained background in Fashion, Photography and Post Production. Her love for innovation in form and composition has seen her transition into the world of 3D Architectural Visualization. Beki’s unequivocal skill in team development and project management has seen her springboard to a key leader position here at Binyan. Starting out as Studio Manager of the Melbourne office before migrating to New York to head the US branch of our growing enterprise, Beki has collaborated on some of the most exciting International developments whilst building a team of extraordinary talent for the business. No stone unturned and no problem unsolved, Beki is always on hand to help achieve the unachievable and always with a great big smile on her face. Beware of her lurking black shadow that goes by the name of Ludo (London’s CMO – Chief Moral Officer). You will usually find Ludo curled up on Beki’s knee whilst working, basking in the sun in the office corner, or barking at the landscape gardeners through the window… It’s purely coincidental that they have matching outfits most days.