15 Hudson Yards


Our collaboration with four Elle Decor ‘A-list’ interior designers to bring their visions for 15 Hudson Yards to life.


Elizabeth Martin, Fox-Nahem, Shawn Henderson, Kelly Behun


New York

In partnership with Corcoran Group, ELLE Décor, Related Companies

Manhattan’s fastest selling residential new development in 2016


A collaboration with four Elle Decor ‘A-list’ designers to bring their visions for the most covetable residences in Manhattan’s largest private real estate development in US history to life. Designed in competition by four interior designers: Elizabeth Martin, Fox-Nahem, Shawn Henderson, and Kelly Behun.


  • Obscure Furnishings
  • Contestant Management


Each designer chose rare or one-of-a-kind art and furnishings to style their apartments. Our modelling team was challenged with researching and creating a true-to-life representation that could be viewed from any angle in the respective 360 ̊ virtual tour. Requiring great attention to the finest details from fur to the bespoke Lalanne Ostrich bar turned ice box, a salvador dali lobster phone,  it took a whole team effort to make these beautiful spaces come to life through stills and VR.

For the competition, the contestants were given different profiles for their residence’s imagined occupants. We collaborated closely with the designers to faithfully execute their corresponding visions. In the case of Beth Martin’s 3-bedroom residence, that meant infusing the tenant’s habits and hobbies, down to the hastily dressed sleeper sofa facing a wall of surfboards, discarded Herschel backpack and matching Vans, and an overflowing wastebasket within striking distance.

With a heavy emphasis on collaboration, our team strived to make interior designers’ visions reality while satisfying the marketing client’s needs. Every accessory and detail, down to the candy wrapper was carefully curated, as the project was also a feature spread and debut for the designers on the Elle Decor A- List awards. Although some designers had rigid directions, others were flexible and allowed our team creative freedom to add personal touches, create floor plan layouts, and interpret their visions while preserving their designs’ integrity.


  • Bespoke 360˚ Virtual Renderings 
  • Interior Décor Research & Consultation


‘Manhattan’s fastest-selling condo.’