130 William


David Adjaye’s first New York skyscraper. A hand-cast concrete facade with lava-stone texture and arched openings differentiates it from Manhattan’s glassy towers.


David Adjaye


New York

In partnership with Adjaye Associates, Corcoran Group, Lightstone Group

30 contracts signed in less than 30 days
3000+ sales inquiries


Visionary British architect Sir David Adjaye’s first condominium in New York, a modern reinterpretation of masonry architecture designed in a way that had never been done before. BINYAN wanted to create the architect’s vision with bespoke imagery that required a skillful execution of materiality.


  • First-of-Its-Kind Façade
  • Custom Interior Features
  • Execution of Materiality


Everything from the dimpled lava stone texture of the exterior’s custom hand-cast concrete to the thousands of tile pieces at 130 William’s pool took inspiration from the architect’s vision. Binyan produced all the intricacies of 130 William’s designs for the marketing client through the implementation of material studies and innovation. Our technical and research teams came together to help our partners determine the exact material required to accomplish the “stacked” exterior designed to resemble lava rock, while our artists matched the final textured concrete samples with uncanny detail. 

Our artists worked in concert with our modellers to develop and style the décor of each unit type down to its furnishings, and meticulously render their custom-designed fixtures and appliances.

The tower’s archway windows are a signature feature, so our animation, film and design teams collaborated to create an experience that shows off the exquisitely framed views from every possible “inside the loggia” angle.

The pool at 130 Williams is just one of many amenities we rendered with painstaking precision, visualizing the one million ½” x ½” tiles necessary to translate the client’s vision for the tower’s intended tenants.


  • Materials Research & Consultation
  • Interior Mood Boards 
  • Interior Styling
  • Bespoke 3-D Visualisation (Stills, Animation, & Video) 


‘Since the sales launch less than a year ago, 130 William has been recognized as the best-selling condo in New York City.’ —New York YIMBY